Ever feel your boss is hot-headed unreasonable stupid living thing ever? Become cute and cuddly when it comes to solve problem. Or people upstairs are so full of ignorance they shouldn’t even be up there? Yup, that is half of us has agreed on according to the Gallup (2015) survey and I’m not saying anything about me taking sides.

What I can say is an employee tends to remain if and only if the immediate superior is a good one. By good, I mean you are comfortable working with/for him. You can express your opinion, share your problem and can expect a soothing and encouraging words/action from him. He don’t even have to solve the problem for you, enough said.

Having a bad boss, the employee will at least thinks to “get away” from Da Boss. Yeah, at least grabbing internal vacancy opportunity to work under “less bad boss” or worst, starts typing resign letter.

But some would say, “everywhere is the same, it’s pointless”. The only way is just to deal with it or it is the thing making them stay. Others would say, “it’s not my fault he’s incompetent. Why would I bear with him if I can get better bosses elsewhere?”. In the youtube video below, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google Inc. answers it beautifully.


It is not simply your fault that you cannot cope with the boss’s temper. Even a patient man has his limit. But Mr. Pichai clearly said, do not react! Respond!. Please understand, it does not mean accepting. Not reflecting the behaviour to your subordinates, not even complaining. I can’t say whether you have to oblige, to oppose or sometimes to deflect. It depends, what is it that you hate about your superior? What is it he or she hates about you? It’s a two sides of a coin really. Don’t panic, don’t spread the panic. It does not solve problem. Think, what is the real danger of the ‘Roach Boss’. It’s harmless, only dirty. Of course you can’t ‘clean’ him up, but you can clean your hands afterwards. People can change however it would takes multitudes of psychological strength to adjust. Please, change his view if you can. Or else, you can opt to be a better view for him. Every issue is unique, so as the solution. We need to analyse it ourselves. What is the real issue? If the solution is naught, better boss should be sought. Both of you are not meant for each other. Just bear in mind, what it is for you does not imply the same to others.

*On a side note, Pichai’s way of thinking is simply put, organised. I love how he can relate an occurrence to his life which lead to a beautiful story. One word to conclude his theory is ‘BE GRATEFUL’. Thankful or syukur or shukr (الشكر) means to look at people below, who had it worse and take example of greater people and aims to achieve more. Appreciate more and you’ll see the whiteness of the paper instead of the black dot on it.


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