Camar yang Pulang


This photo maybe is a bit dull for some people as it has a lot of empty space but it is actually my favourite kind of photo.

Stop and Think!

As living creatures are very synonym to movement, capturing this kind of photo is actually similarly froze the time. While these birds fly around and pass by us, we pay no attention on how actually they fly. On how things actually work? The shape, the arrangement, the choreography. Photography gives us chance to capture the moment and we’ll have all the time in the world to think about it.


Spacious yet empty and blurry background? Yes I think it is art and yet these have their own functions. These kind of backgrounds allow us to focus and learn more on the subject of interest without any chance of other things to interfere. Please do not see it in a negative way. 


Enough about photography as I’m really not the one to talk. Think about life. Relate these blabber to your life. Don’t ask me how. Its your life and it’s you who have to decide how to interpret it. 


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