Terengganu dan Loghatnya…

It has been so long since the last time I updated AKOO MENULIS. It’s not that I dont want to or I dont have time to update it but I find it quite hard to get the best mood to write which the ideas come pouring into my head. I had so many things to write about but let proceed about this fresh thing going on in my head.

Few hours before I started writing this entry I stumbled upon a forum where people are discussing about words in Terengganu accent. It’s fun to to read what they discussed as everyone spells everything in the accent. Seriously, I cant stop laughing while reading those stuff.

Let’s start.

First of all. Terengganu is a formal word which is written in geography and history text books back when we were in schools. We can hear a lot of people shorten the word into ‘Ganu’. Guess what, most of the residents of Terengganu called the state as ‘Tranung‘. It is as Terengganu in much easier way to say it.

Let’s proceed.

It’s a common thing to think that loghat Tranung  is easy as we only have to add every word that ends with ‘N’ with ‘G’ and ‘M’ with ‘NG’. For example ‘ikan’ became ‘ikang’ and ‘malam’ became ‘malang’. The statement is true. However, this is rather confusing. Try to think when we call chicken(ayam) as ‘ayang’ but standard malay guy will call that to a person that he/she love as a shorten of the word ‘sayang’. Don’t ever think that Terengganu people dear their chicken so much so that they call the chicken ‘ayang’. 🙂

Have you ever heard a joke that says Terengganu people is evil for stealing ‘G’s from the Kedah people??That’s funny. LOL

Let’s get deeper.

Believe it or not, some of the words in loghat Tranung is adopted from foreign language. Maybe it’s because of  Malaya being conquered by foreign power back then? Let’s look at the example.

Gostan (Go stand) = Mengundur = reversing

Gohek (Go ahead) = Mangayuh = cycling

Lek-lek (look alike) = Serupa = look alike

pereh (press) = Tekan minyak =act of pressing the accelerator

stemet (estimate) = anggaran = estimate

rokok segeret = rokok yg da siap gulung = cigarette

Those are the example of words adopted from the English. I found a word which is taken from Arabic which is ‘Betak’. The original word is ‘Al-Bat Un’ (البطء) which means slow whether slow in learning or doing something.I tried to find words which are adopted from other foreign language but I have a very limited resource. Share with us if you got any.

This loghat is well known of it’s ‘kata ganda’ which is used to ‘menegaskan’ the property of the noun or even exaggerating it. I’ll give several example. People might used different ‘kata ganda’ but I’ll share with the most popular ones.

putih-lepuk = really white/fair

meroh-merang/meroh-nyale = really red

kuning-sior = sooo yellow

hija-naung = soo green

itang-bletung/ itang-legik/ itang-legang =pitch black

manih-leting = so sweet (taste)

tawor-hebeh = so ??? ‘tawar’

masing-rebing =very salty

masang-rebang/masang-purik = very sour

pahit-lepang = so bitter

bising-bangor = so noisy

hancing-pering = smells of urine

busuk-kohong = so smelly

besor-jalor = grown-up

gemuk-metong = fat

kuruh-kekek = so thin

kecik-tuek =so small

come-lote = soo cute..kawaii

huduh-sepang-ko ong = so ugly.. (this is triple kata ganda to express the disgust for the ugliness..lol)


Let’s ride back through time.

There are several words that are rarely to be heard of. Some of them we still can hear when the old people are talking. I learned few of these words from my grandparents which are then being explained by my mother. ‘Jelibung’ is a bit like ‘diselubungi’. For example, “jelibungnye pokok tu’. That means the tree is covered with a lot of leaves. I dunno how else that word is used. The other word is ‘jerenggeng’ which means to take a nap/rest by lying down. I remembered the moment when my grandma was looking outside and said “jo’ong hari ni”. The first thing that came to my mind is the stupid ghost Juon The Grudge. ”Jo’ong” is a weather vocabulary. It describes a gloomy and cloudy day.

Let’s get across the country.

In Malaysia as we all know, we got a lot of different accent. Most of the states got their own accent. There a lot of similarities between loghat Tranung and Klate despite of the pronunciation. We can easily understand each other. Loghat Utara which means Kedah, Penang and Perlis also have several of common words with Tranung. ‘sengkak’ is used in Loghat Utara which is pronounced as ‘sekok’ in Tranung which mean ‘overly full’. Burpp. ‘Belengaih’ in loghat Utara is pronounced as ‘Belengah’ which describe a sticky condition. The verb ‘kona’ in Kedah also being used in Klate and Tranung that means ‘membelok’ and obviously took from English word ‘corner’. The other words that I found are:

yang (for example ‘yang ini, yang itu’) = hat (kedah, hat ni, hat tu) = hok (klate, tranung, hok ni, hok tu)

tersembam = tertomoih(kedah) = ttumuh (tranung, ditegaskan pada huruf ‘t’)

kelapa = nyok(kedah) = nyor (klate, tranung)

sempat = dan(kedah) =dang(tranung) = de (klate)

buang = tauk (kedah) = tohok (tranung)

menyiku = sigung (kedah, tranung)

Let’s get around the ‘imbuhan’

Standard Malay uses a lot of different ‘imbuhan’ to differentiate the meaning of a root word. In loghat tranung, all of the imbuhan most likely shorten or replaced by stressing certain parts in the word. Imbuhan ‘ter’ which describe something is done accidentally is replaced by stressing the parts of the verb used. for example ‘tersepak’ is pronounce as ‘sseppak’.  As the example given above, ‘tersembam’ which is ‘tertumuh’ in tranung is pronounced as ‘ttumuh’. ‘Tertidur’ is pronounce as ‘ttido’ and so on. Other imbuhan such as ‘ber’ and ‘me’ also being replaced by stressing parts in the root word. ‘Bersiar2’ became ‘jjalang’ as in ‘berjalan2’ and ‘bassuh’ as in membasuh.

Let’s wrap it up and call it a day.

Loghat is something that is not easy to learn no matter what loghat you are tring to learn. It is similar in learning languages. To speak in a certain language well, you have to mix with its people and learn. I myself do not speak proper loghat Tranung. I admit it. My family is the only one among my relatives that lives outside Terengganu. My accent have been influenced by different kind of ‘east coast accent’. There’s one moment when I was a kid, my cousin asked her mom why did I speaks weird. Haha. I grew up in a village where a lot of people migrated from different states. My secondary school does not have any student that knows any loghat. I have a rommate that speaks Kelantanese during college (Adil le tu) and a lot of friends that speaks loghat Utara in University. Yet Im not brave enough to speak other loghat as Im afraid I might sounds funny not as Kayrel, a Kedah guy that can speaks Klate fluently. Many people thought he was from Kelantan. Respect that. haha.

That’s all I can share with my capacity. If you want to learn about other language or accent, internet is a good place to start. Thank you all for reading. Btw, if you got something to add up or to correct me, share it through the comment ya. Thanks again and have a g’day.





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  1. tu ade reference tu…cube cek situ…my opinion la, gemok metong org2 dulu2 pakai. cube dgr org tua2 cakap…gemok debok start time generasi mak ayah kite kot…

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