It’s almost been a month since the final exam last paper but I still haven’t got a damn job yet. I slept after sunrise and woke up few hours before sunset. I clean myself up and sit in front of my pc all day long or u maybe wanna say it all nite long. What’s up with this kind of life?it’s sucks big time.

I never realise it. Not before I called my mom last night. I told her everything that happened here. Almost everything. Guess how she’d respond? Deep in her heart I know she want me to go home. She miss me. Why everybody else could go back to their family and I couldn’t? I keep telling her it’s not very long since I left home, not even 1 year. I wanna find a job here. But look at me, look at my life. I felt guilty to my mom. I have to find a job to get rid of this feeling.

I told her about my result. Before this, I don’t care much about exams results. As long as I passed, I am satisfied. What she said woke me up from my long sweet dream. It’s not enough by getting a ‘pass’ on the exam slip. She told me I have to score, not only pass. She does has the point.

My hair is getting longer. My mom never like boys with long hair. She said it looks messy, kinda ugly. She wants me to cut my hair. I keep giving excuses. She accept less excuses as the hair grows. I dont really like to comb my hair. With uncomb short hair, I’ll might look even worse. Lol.


Mothers’ talk is not just talk. It’s full of wishes, hope and certainly advices. Mak wants me to be the best in everything. Thanks for everything mak.


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