Common Misunderstanding Toward Malaysians

I wrote this post to explain the common misunderstanding towards Malaysian people mostly by locals. Hope it would be beneficial.

We are Malaysian!

This is quite funny. Sometimes when I walked down the street with my Malaysian friends, the locals would greet us “Ni hao ma?” which is “how are you” in Chinese. Still, I appreciate you being friendly. Last Sunday, I went to Liverpool to watch a concert by a Malaysian band namely Search. Lots of Malaysians there. While waiting outside for the concert to start, a local girl come to ask. “Is it Chinese New Year celebration?”. Lmao. I know it’s hard for you guys to differentiate between Chinese and Malaysian because we are Asians. No offence, I also find it’s hard to differentiate between English and Spanish plus few others European citizens. So I think it’s fair enough for all of us.

Beware of Dogs!

Have you seen some of us freaked out whenever there’s dog nearby? Some of us might find it funny. However you might find it weird to be afraid of cute little dogs.

Actually, several of us do afraid of getting bitten by the fierce-looking dog. How about the adorable one? What do we afraid of?

It is because our religion i.e. Islam forbid us to touch dogs and pigs. If we come in contact with these two animal or anything that comes from them, we are required to clean it with water and soil mixture before using clean water. The acidity of water increases whenever mixed with soil which is enough to wipe off bacteria from our stuff. That’s why we try to avoid dogs especially during winter when everything is wet and the frozen soil is hard to be dug and put into a bucket.

For some of us who lives under one roof with non-Muslim, we would be grateful if our kitchen stuff is not being used to cook pork and the house is kept dog free as like what I have said earlier, anything that came from those two animals is forbidden for us.

Hey guys, it’s true we are prohibited to touch them, but we also not allowed to hate them. We are taught to love all God’s creation i.e.  humans, animal and plants. We are taught to respect each other.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. =)


One thought on “Common Misunderstanding Toward Malaysians

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  1. Yeah! were Asian.. and im proud to be Malaysian..

    I love cute dogs.. adorable..
    I live with the natives and they respect our belongings and always ask if they want to us them..
    Respect should be there no matter where ur from i guess..

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