12 Weeks in Sheffield

12 weeks almost up. What have I done so far?

for the 1st 4 weeks, i said to myself, “lek r, awal lagi”.

“Malasnye nak study..cane la nak jadi rajin… “said me again during the second month being here.

Week 9 till today I added something crucial, “exam da dekat, Malasnye nak study..cane la nak jadi rajin…”

Thinking about the upcoming exam is like killing my also upcoming winter break.

Last few weeks, I tripped into the most miserable weekend in my life. I have this one long report to be submitted on Monday. And I also have a group presentation which i thought it would be on Monday the following week. My group members didn’t give me any notice about meetings they held together. That’s the reason I wrongly expect the date of the presentation. Luckily Adil ask me to confirm the date. As soon as I checked the date, I felt like the sky collapsed. I didn’t know what to do, I’ve been looking for my group members email to ask them about the presentation. No reply made me crazy. On Monday, the day I should submit the report and most importantly the day of my unprepared presentation, I skipped the morning class and asked Uncle to find my labmate and ask for their phone no. I called one of them and asked about the presentation. He said the group is discussing rite now. I rushed to THE Mappin Building and found them already finished the preparation which have already started weeks ago. I didn’t even know about it. They told me it couldn’t be help as I showed up on the last day. That would be it for sure. However they suggest me to meet our lecturer for the solution. That’s right. However confronting someone i respect took away my guts. I asked opinions from Chinos and Thoriq. They told me it’s best if I met the lecturer for consultation. After about 1 hour to build the courage, I talked to the lecturer for less than 2 minutos. Problem solved. He asked me to do a part from the presentation on the next presentation session. Alhamdulillah. Thanx to all my frenz..

18Dec2009, no more class to attend.

Friday 18Dec2009, Cerap, Naim, Toyot, K’en, Adil and me myself will depart to Italy from Liverpool. I wonder how the trip will be. I’ll tell u later about it.

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again.


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