Cheers Mate!!

1st of all, Alhamdulillah, with the bless of Allah I managed to step my foot on this Cold Country aka UK.

Thanks to my family especially my mother for blessing this journey of mine to seek more knowledge

even I’ve never been this far from home. (She dont really bless me for Canada the other

I’ve already posted my early photo in UK in facebook so I won’t put any effort on redundancy. (malas sbnrnya)


The night before onboard is like nothing to to be excited about. It’s funny to think of what my mom said, “macam nak g kl je xpacking lg”. LOL.. I packed b4 i go to bed n surprisingly my cargo bag just weigh 16kg while others would reach up to 30kg..


I wake up not so early( as usual la).haha..Start checking my things n go through the checklist. I’m good at forgetting things so it’s best 4 me to have this check list stuff. after asar a “rombongan” of my family neighbours + my best friend went to the old skool Sultan Ahmad Syah Airport, Kuantan. My brother came later with his x-smartian friends (I’m excited actually coz i’m also x-smartian).

From there, Im all alone..

OH s**t, Im late. En. Shahrul marah2 already. Damn the flight delay. Naqie was there. As a treat for coming such a long way to KLIA, I pay 4 the KFC. Chon, my brother’s friend arrived later spent time with us although he was on duty at the main control tower.

Thanx my friends.


0030 KL-Amsterdam 0730

1010 Amsterdam-Manchester 1130

1400 Manchester-Sheffield 1600

*local time  for respective city

Manchester train station is quite windy. Cold wind irritates my eyes, couldn’t open them. Thanks tma 4 the “eye mo”.

I stayed in Toyot,Jojo, Naim, Chula, Paan’s house for couple of days b4 i can moved in or own house. Thanx 4 the meal. Sedap.

Now I’m here. Spent £560+ on this pc so I can continue blogging.

I had a fever and felt better now. It’s cold. Im breathing like I’m smoking. Cool huh. Lolx.

That’s all 4 now. I have to take a break.

Cheers mate.


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