Handphone: to be use or to be steal?

Motorola L7What is the main purpose of buying handphone? Obviously, anybody bought a handphone because he/she needs it. So why there are individuals take others need? Right now, I’ve already loss 2 handphone. Thank God both are ‘cikai’ phone. The first one I lost is a Motorola L7. I could get RM100++ if I sell it to the retailer. It happen because of my carelessness. I drove to class in the morning when suddenly Adil called. After I ended the call, I put the phone on my lap. I was afraid I could lose control of the car if I try to put it back in my pocket. Having a frequent short term memory loss, I forgot about the phone and went out the car without noticing that L7 dropped onto the ground. After a quite distance from the car, I realized that my phone is not with me. I thought I dropped it in the car. So I didn’t care much. After the class, I get back to the car and search for the phone. It isn’t in the car. Then I knew there’s high probabilty I dropped it outside. I tried to call but there’s no answer. I tried for a few time before it was unreachable. That somebody really is irresponsible. I text that number introducing me as the owner. But there’s no effort on returning it back.

I went to Celcom Centre to have the same number again. I used my first handphone due to the lost of the L7. It’s a Nokia 2300 if I’m not mistaken. One Friday, I dont know what happen to me. My mind is floating in the air like high or something but of course I’m not on drugs. I went back from the class as usual. I didn’t empty my pocket as I usually do. I wandered from room to room to kill the time waiting to go to the mosque. I emptied my pocket as I want to change to sarong for Friday prayer. I couldn’t remember where exactly I put my stuff but for sure they were in my room. That afternoon, I changed to go to class. I looked up for my wallet and phone. They gone. I thought I misplaced it. I searched for them until the night. I lost my mood thinking about the contents in the wallet. The next day I realize that both hanphone and wallet were stoled. The security guard found the stuff inside my wallet (except for money and “setem hasil”) nicely wrapped with a newspaper at the motorcycle park space. I suspect a kid in our neighbourhood. What a bad luck.

Now I’m using Sony Ericcson and I loved it so much. Don’t wanna lose it, I bought a case that I could put it on my belt and be with it wherever I go. As I have two number, I asked my mother the handphone that my sister left at home. I will never loss sight on my stuff ever again!!


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