Recovered already… What’s the plan?

21st Feb the semester break started. I went home and spent the first 2 days of the break fulfilling my need of sleep. The third day started, I tried to walk around town without crutches. I managed to finish my “walking challenge” by walking to every corner of Berjaya Megamall and I knew that I’m ready to go. A week before the new semester started, Helmi and I planned to go to Hutan Lipur Bekelah, a place I’ve been dreaming to go to after being held in captivity (waiting my bone to recover). Helmi invited his friend and went there by a car. Feeling so excited, I invited as many friend as possible. 3 cars full already agreed, great. Unfortunately, 2 cars cancelled. Feeling a bit disappointed, I went there with the other three of my friends. I’ve been warned that I’ve to walk a long way before I can reach the waterfall. I was very determined to go there and ignored the warning. The warning is true. The journey was further than what I imagined.

Airnya dingiiin sekali...

I still not able to put much weight on my left leg back then, so I used my limbs at the maximum rate. The cool water and calm environment make my effort worthwhile. I was very satisfied. Really satisfied. The next day I barely able to move my body because it is so painful. I got muscle ache here and there especially my right leg as I’ve used my body to the maximum plus I haven’t work out for 7 month.

The new semester started, I went to class freely. Without crutches. Lolx.

Few days ago, my classmate and I went convoy to Hutan Lipur Sungai Kanching located at Selayang. This time my leg was stronger but not yet strong enough to put all my weight (till now). The place is quite crowded so we have to climb up the stairs to higher spot where there were less people. The walk is not as far as Bekelah but as I have to climb up staircases, it’s more tiring. To kill the tiredness, we spent the whole day there. It’s very enjoyable.

That’s my plan. To conquer as many waterfall as I could.


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