New semester new problems!!

kesian kete ni...jadi mangsa keadaan...
kesian kete ni...jadi mangsa keadaan...

As usual I drive to class. First day of the new sem, my class started late at noon. When my friend and I arrived at the spot where I used to park my c

ar before, I found out that there are no more empty spaces available to park my car. After a few round searching for parking spaces, we found an empty space near a restaurant. We parked there and went to class without worrying anything. After the class we drive back to our hostel. We stepped out of the car and suddenly Syafiq saw a long scratched (probably using key) starting from the front driver door until the back door. Damn it. “Sape punyer keje la ni, kalo yer pun marah jgn la calar kete”, I complained myself. I felt very angry and disappointed. But there are saying “let bygone be bygone”. So I let i

t be.

Few days later, as usual we went to Restoran Hikmah for dinner by car. We parked there in front of the restaurant. As always, the parking is double layered. We get back in the car after we finish our dinner. Once again, my mood was turned down. Somebody spit on the car left window. It was disgusting. Why that person mad only at my car? Why not somebody else’s that have done the same sin?

Not very long after that, Adil, Abu and Sod borrowed my car and went to play snooker. Went they get back, they parked at usual spot, in front of the Syazana Pau Shop. The next morning, I woke up la

te and rushed to go to class. Kayrel, Sod, Abu and I went to the car. Suddenly, Sod shouted, “tayar flat weh”. I thought he was just joking. As I come nearer it was not a joke anymore. The left tyre was totally flat. “Sapela yg dajal kete aku lagi ni, sial” said me. What else we could do. Like it or not, we have to walk to class and we were definitely late. That evening, Adil helped me to change the tyre with spare tyre. Few days after that I went to a workshop to get the flat tyre “ditampal”. Now I know that the punctured was not cause by sabotage but maybe accidently hit a nail or something sharp. “melayang rm6”.

Then I decided to send home the car and bring my beloved motor

cycle for alternative transport. So no more complain from the neighbours about the parking, no more parking probs, no more DBKL, no more parking fees, not more tyre probs and no more car to be worried. Yay. I went home during a weekend to make up my bike nicely. It was very tiring and I’ve could finish it half way only. Again I got muscle ache but this time only the right part of the body. I

Ni baru on the way...

went back to the hostel on Sunday. The next morning all the classes have been cancelled. So I went out that night to meet my friend. I came back at 12am and there’s no more park space available in front of the hostel. So I parked in front of Syazana Pau Shop. Eventhough it is yellow lined, but who cares as it is after midnight already. No one would bother. Not knowing that Pak Lah (our ex PM) will have his visit to Kg Baru (for launching something that I don’t really care.), I woke up late. I’ve planned to buy a helmet and several bike accessories that day. My friend and I went to the spot where I parked the car. I was very very very very shocked. Where’s my car? Where did it go? Many question come to my mind. At that moment Pak Lah pass by us on a golf cart. Whoever passes by I didn’t care anymore. The important thing now where’s my car? Seeing the DBKL cone at the site, immediately I guess my car had been towed by the DBKL. It must be because of Pak Lah’s visit. They want to clear the road for the VVIP. I searched around to confirm my guess. Then I asked a DBKL officer there, where have been my car been towed? They were not sure if my car was being towed or not. There are possibility that my car being stolen. Wtf. He made thing worst. But he told me if it was being towed, they will take it to the office at Jalan Pekeliling. Without wasting any time, Adil and I went there to find the office. We don’t know the exact location of the office. After a few round searching around Pekeliling we still couldn’t find the office. Then we went to the DBKL tower beaside my campus to ask for direction. Then just we have more info yet not exact to find the office. My throat already begging for water. Then we went to mamak at Dang Wangi for lunch. 2 glasses of iced lemon tea for my throat. Then we started the search again and finally found the office situated hidden at the inner side of Pekeliling. Before I could take a relief breath because my car was there, I felt more down at the moment the officer told me the value of the compound. RM155. RM100 for the compound, RM50 for the towing cost and RM5 for the vehicle keeping charge. Arghh, I didn’t bring such amount of money. The officer told us to appeal to reduce the compound as I am still a student. The compound was halved but the other cost maintained. Nothing we can do but to pay. Today’s plan was totally ruined. The other day I got compounded by traffic police as I parked at yellow line but Adil told me just to ignore it as they wouldn’t take any action if I do so.

Problems come after one another. I am not very familiar of the road in KL. I’ve hit enough holes to make the car alignment not stable. Before something worst happened, I went to the workshop to fix the alignment. Money runs similarly like water. Flow out more than flow in gives me pressure. There’s more money that has to be spent as after the alignment fixed the control of the steering wheel became worst. I went there again to find out the real problem. The mechanics there said that the tyres need to be balanced. During the balancing process, he told me three of the rims were already “bengkok”. D’oh. Having no more money, I just leave it that way. But now the control is better.

I just went back from home. Sent my car already. Problem solved. I let my sister took care of them. It is her car anyway. Meanwhile I finished my bike with a lot of help from my friend. Thanks a lot to Adil and Kayrel. There’s just a little bit more to be done before my bike ready to go and it could be done here in the hostel. Can’t wait for the bike to be posted (my mother didn’t allow me to ride it Ktn-KL).

Probs always come and we never could run from it. Wait and see what will come next.


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