Who’s to blame?

I want u to think of a situation involving you and your beloved one. This would take place at a sidewalk near a busy street. He/she try to cross the street but suddenly a car come and hit him/her. Now I need u to think.

Who’s to blame?

Should we blame the car driver for not paying attention on the road? Should we blame you for not being fast enough to pull him/her aside? We also could blame your companion as he/she was very careless while crossing the road. To make it even worse, u could blame the government (JKJR) as they dont built any facilities for pedestrian to cross the busy street. Or should we blame anyone who was not there to save his/her life?

Hah, now who’s to blame?

Everybody have their own fault, unavoidable maybe. We are human, nobody’s perfect. What we can do is try our best to avoid making mistake. Don’t blame others. Stop the blaming game. Recognize your weaknesses and improve yourself. Focus on that and you’ll  be the best.


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