Jatuh Cinta Lagi??

Pertama ku melihatmu

Bergetar rasa hatiku

Berdebar-debar jantungku

Mungkin ku suka padamu

Ketika ku melihatnya

Berdetak-detak di dada

Mungkin itu suatu pertanda

Bahwa ku suka padanya

Dia atau dia

Ku pilih yang mana

Aku pusing untuk memilihnya

Jatuh cinta lagi

Lagi lagi ku jatuh cinta

Aku jatuh cinta

Kepada setiap wanita

Jatuh cinta lagi

Lagi lagi ku jatuh cinta

Harus bagaimana

Ku bingung memikirkannya

Layaknya seorang pria

Kucoba untuk setia

Mencintai satu wanita

Tetapi aku tak bisa

Jatuh Cinta Lagi
By Matta

Let’s try to understand this lyrics titled “Jatuh Cinta Lagi” by Matta. Actually it reminds me of how I felt before this. Seriously I was that kind of guy who fell in love with almost every girl that I saw. Thinking of that, was it truly the feeling of love?or it’s just kind of unmatured desire? It left me asking myself questions with no answer. This song tells me I was not alone as what I thought years ago. There are many more who felt the same.

Is it the meaning of playboy? or is it just the so-called puppy love? All this time I’ve been looking in my heart and results in no answer. I took a deep breath and start asking my brain. Aha, Finally. My mind brought me to a solution, a bitter end. “Resist those feeling. You don’t even know what love really is. ” said my brain. I took it even it’s hard to swallow. But, the answer given causes me to asked myself again. “What is love? How does it feel?”.

I won’t rely much on my heart and of course my mind couldn’t give any answer. So now it’s your turn to give me answers.


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