What Really Suit You?

Having a relationship at the same time you need to focus on your study? Think twice. I started to realise this kind of thing during my final semester at MARA College Banting doing IB Diploma. Having a commitment towards a girl at this age is quite troublesome. Plus my mother extremely disagrees of me having a girl before I start to have my own income. I used to date few girls back then and the experience teaches me the best way to live life. The feeling of love that they felt makes them afraid to lose you even your loyalty level is heavens (maybe for some of them I’m not loyal enough). What will they do? I was held in ‘custody’ as I was not able to go out with or to contact other girls even of my friends. Try to imagine if you need to spend time to keep in touch with them and if you don’t, sulking will come right on your way.

The demand to fulfil the love needs keep increasing day by day and it’s getting harder to do that. Finally I made my decision to live on my own. Without any guilt towards my mother and any girl I went out with my friends freely. I enjoyed my days of being single. But the feeling of happiness doesn’t last long. I eventually come to a very boring ending where my Maxis airtime has not being used even 1 cent. There’s nobody for me to talk to and once again boredom step into my door. I felt very empty inside as no one really cares for your life (family is an exception). I started to miss my days having a girl. After sometimes I think and think until suddenly a thought flashed in my mind. Why don’t I look for a best friend? She won’t sulk if rarely keep in touch as my life is getting busy. She won’t be mad if I go out with others. She will understand me and pamper me. The most important thing is you’ll have someone to share your life with.

I know some of you wouldn’t be agree with my way of thinking but this suit me the best. For me a best friend’s love is greater compared to girlfriend’s one. It last longer and getting easier as the relation goes on. Anyway, it’s just my opinion though.


8 thoughts on “What Really Suit You?

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  1. erm…boleh ke ppuan n lelaki sekadar berkawan baik?
    at least mesti ada terusik sket prasaan 1 ari nnti…
    mgkin kau…mgkin jgk die….
    bile gune prinsip ‘aku jge kau’..’kau jage aku’…
    dgn kwn baik yg blainan jantina…
    trust me….akan datang ‘prsaan’ tu satu hari nnti….

    erm…kalau kita xpernah buat hal yang boleh membuatkan pasangan kte jd xpcaya pada kte…n ade org bercakap2 sesuatu yg xdisedap di pndengaran die…n kite berdiam diri…so, akan terjadila peristiwa2 yg kau tulis kat atas tu…itu bukan mengongkong…itu terlampau menjaga namanya….


  2. sy rase boleh je..we have the power of denial..jgn ikutkan hati..walaupun terasa sket, adatla tu..syg sebagai kwn..tol x?
    terlamapu menjaga ngan mengongkong tu same la kot..hidup ni kene la sederhana..jgn terlebey, jgn kurang sgt..

  3. wei…aku nk komen gak….
    hehe…sometimes, seseorang tu xsesuai jadi pasangan kita, tp lebih sesuai jadi kawan….i mean, berlainan jantina la…
    laki ngan laki of coz xley jadi pasangan!gay namenye…same goes to gurls~
    erm….tah ape tah aku nk tulis td….pnjg agi sbnarnye…tp isho kaco aku td…dok buzz2 kat ym….lupa trus…nnti aku ingat, aku tulis laen…tp point aku kat atas tu bermakne gak tu woiii~

  4. hahaha…dan3 tembak ak..apasalahnya status kwn cube menegur kwn bukan secara terang terangan..kadang2 kalau orang rindu dia x cakap dia rindu but shown as action.so that one is consider as an action.
    sometimes people hope to get some respond..hahaha
    buzz la ak balik..hehehe
    terror x ak merapu???

  5. ak ad 2 bestfriends lelaki..to tell the truth, xpenah ada perasaaan lebih dr kawan. Everytime msg or ym, ayat yg x penah diorg lupa tulis is “kitorg syg ko”…
    tp utk betul2 jd bestfriend, kita kene jaga boundaries gak..tau macamana nk respond supaya masing2 x tersalah anggap..
    ada bestfriend berlainan jantina ni bgs gak sbb bnyk info ak dpt..hahha..seronok..=]

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