7 Month of Boredom

Firstly I want to apologise to my friend for hiding this from all of you.. Actually I had an accident in July 2008 that cause me to have another pair of limb(crutch)..I had a closed fracture right in the middle of my left tibia.. Having trauma make me wasted my precious 3 month watching tv at home for all day long..it’s kinda make me to remember most of the commercial advert shown on tv..lol..Though my left leg was temporarily unusable, I went “beraya” driving on my own(luckily my mother’s car is auto)..Since then I went out a lot to meet my friends. . I dont know why it took so long for my bone to recover.. for the first month I had to bear the suffer of wearing the P.O.P (plaster of paris)..it was so itchy and you know what? I broke it open and found my left leg got smaller and there’s reddish here and there.. I went to a famous so-called ‘Bomoh Patah'(some kind of traditional ortho specialist) and waste me another 1 month because my bone dont heal as expected..felt dissapointed, I almost run out of hopes..few days after Eid, I went to a private clinic for having a medical check up a required for UniKL-Sheffield transfer prog registration. the doctor there recommend me to undergo plating surgery at Kuantan Med Centre.. felt like a bright star shining ahead, I agreed.. warded for the second time, I felt quite nervous thinking of the surgery..

This is the interesting part..cute nurses wheeled to the Operation theatre.lolx..inside the OT the temperature was low enough to make me shiver at the time I entered..I asked the nurse,”Most Recent X-rayWhat’s the temperature in here?”.guess what her answer..”we dont bother to go overseas as it’s colder in here”..an anesthetic specialist come to me and had me injected right inside my back spine(suddenly remember the experience when I was 12)..after the injection i couldn’t even my legs..it’s because I was half-body paralysed..I asked that specialist to inject me with sleeping drugs so that I could sleep during the entire surgery. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the doctor had done to my bone that woke me up..I felt a bit ‘pedih’ on my left leg..Then I ask the nurse what is going on..the doctor heard me and asked me if I wanna watch my wide opened leg..I felt so sleepy so I refused..Intentionally he raised the tool used at that time. a drill with a 10 inches(I guessed) long point..then I fell asleep again..act I woke for the second time as I felt very ‘pedih’.then the anesthetic specialist gave me another shot of sleeping drug that make me sleep for another 4 hour..till the next day, I couldn’t feel my half down body even nurse came in and inject me right at my back..lol..Could you imagine a wire inserted into my post-surgery leg via a small hole to drain out ‘darah beku’..wth..the third day I’ve permitted to go home.

Quite hard to summarise 7month story in a page..fuh..after being on mc for a fortnight, I have to go to Unikl..with crutches..the hostel is at bangsar while the campus situated at Jln Sultan Ismail which quite far from the hostel..it’s a relief to know that my room is on the ground floor….Luckily one of my classmate drive to class so I didnt waste the chance..life never goes easy way..his car suddenly broke down and took a while to be repaired..Like it or not, I went to class riding motorcycle with another classmate..still having the trauma, I often closed my eyes when cars overtake us..but the suffering last for just a week.. my mother bought my sister a car but I was the first to use it..Perodua Viva, it’s practical, stylish and fuel efficient as you heard on the adverts..lol..week later, we got a sudden order to move to another hostel at Kg Baru which closer to the campus.. what comes next? STAIRS..for the first night I felt very dissapointed thinking that I have to climb the stairs up and down to go to class..it took me some times to adapt there..the stairs prevent me to go out frequently..i felt so bored..but we hang out at Dataran Merdeka couples of time even me with crutches..Extra Limb..

Now I still use crutch but only one to support my left leg..I have to depend on elevator for this whole time..Life is much easier now as I am adapting to this temporary boring life..

Once again I want to apologise to my friend whoe ever I kept this secret from..I have to for certain reason..Nyway, thanx for reading..It’s Subuh already..I’m going to perform my prayer..C u soon..


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